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I love meeting new people. If you ask anyone that knows me I'm A BIT of a social butterfly. Picking up a camera allows me to create art that connects with people. Getting to witness big love, passion, excitement, and even nerves energizes me. And then I get to turn those authentic moments into art, with my own creative stamp, to give people to hold on to. I love that. 

My style is natural. My goal is to have fun. I hate awkward poses and forced positions probably more than you do. What I do focus on is making sure you feel comfortable, relaxed and in your element. I love chatting beforehand, getting an idea of who you are and what you are looking for, so when the day comes we can just play. So whether you want sweet family photos or edgy lifestyle shots, we're going to make it fun. Because photography should be fun and when we have fun you look good.


my story

I've never felt like I did something more right than when I started this business. I love it more than I imagined. You could say it is in my blood. I come from a line of photographers. My grandma started her own photography business in the mid-west before women and entrepreneurs were typically in the same sentence. She then passed her business down to my aunt and then my cousin. I remember going to Kansas City as a small child and visiting her studio and standing in awe of these massive prints of beautiful brides and families in the shop window. Thinking back, that was it. That's when I fell in love. 

I have lived in Seattle for the greater part of my life and the Pac NW will always be home. On the weekends you can find me boating, snowboarding, wine tasting, finding a cute brunch spot and working out between shopping for my new favorite pair of shoes (thank you Nordstrom). My background is a mix of art and business. I've always toed the line seeking corporate challenges in business and personal passion through art. I think that experience prepared me for seeking the ultimate challenge, making my art a business - terrifying! The good thing is I'm not shy and I like a good challenge. And the best part is it doesn't feel like work. Picking up a camera allows me to do two of my favorite things, create art and connect with people. I truly enjoy getting to know new people, hearing their story and helping to capture their lives in a way they'll cherish. I feel so grateful for this opportunity everyday. 

Ok enough about me. What will working with me be like? I'd sum it up with my style is natural and my goal is to have fun. I want you in your element, feeling relaxed and having a genuinely good time. If you have kids, let them run around the park (like they desperately want to). I'll chase 'em. If we're shooting boudoir, let's cheers with some champagne and good music. My focus is on capturing your most flattering angles and your individual essence. We'll chat beforehand to get to know each other. I'll learn who you are and what your personal style is. So when the day comes we can just play! Photography can be so much fun and when we have fun, you look good.

If you're interested in booking a session fill out the contact form here. I can't wait to meet you and hear your story. 


Emily Maryatt


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