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Just a girl and her thoughts. I write when I'm inspired, excited or just want to share with the world. 


I did a shoot a few months back with a photographer friend of mine. It ended up being the same weekend I made the decision to start publicly advertising my photography. Like most things in my life I spend little time debating. I have realized over the years that while I can be very rational, I choose to operate often on a gut feeling. So with photography, one day I just got this feeling and I wanted to see where it'd take me.  No goals, no plan, just a pure self-exploratory adventure. 

So here I am. Three months later and feeling so freaking blessed to be where I am. Since the day I decided I wanted my "hobby" to take on the role of "side-hustle" I've now had over a dozen professional shoots. One being my first wedding a few weeks ago! Now for any full-timer that is chicken scraps, but I also have a full time 45 hr/wk job.  And until today, I have only had an instagram and email address to my professional name. Somehow by the grace of God people have found me and liked my stuff. Which is still crazy to me. 

This journey has been one part exciting and one part terrifying. The vulnerability it takes to throw your art out into the world and pray to God that someone else not only appreciates it, but WANTS it, is massive. My first few instagram posts were mainly me crossing my fingers and swiping refresh every 10 mins with a dull pit in my stomach. But so far people have been so supportive and I have received such sweet and positive reinforcement. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there with other tastes, but I'm truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for the people who have been vocally supportive. It's been exactly what I needed to encourage me. It has also been so much fun! 

I'm excited to be here. I've learned incrementally more about photography and post-editing these last few months, only to realize I still have SO MUCH MORE to learn. If you're still reading this, I already love you and am thankful for you. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me and how it evolves. It's going to be a winding road I can already tell, but between the nerves, excitement and dreams, I'm just going to keep taking deep breaths. I can do it. Do what exactly? Who knows. But I do know I'm having fun, meeting new people and am going to keep feeding that gut feeling.