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Damnit Maria

Life rarely goes according to plan. You forget your sports bra at the gym, you spill coffee on your white shirt on the way to work, you don't get the job, or natural disasters ruin your wedding. When Brandi called me to schedule a new engagement shoot, I knew my answer.  This couple was incredibly unlucky this fall and I was just like YES. Yes, yes, yes. 

Brandi and Gabe are one of the most sweet and fun couples I know. Gabe is from Puerto Rico and Brandi is from Washington. She's got style and he has heart (and the latin moves). They met about six years ago and began dating a year later. I remember hanging out with Brandi one night before they were dating. We were a few cocktails deep and she leaned in with a huge smile on her face and said, "Gabe is my dream man." I remember just chuckling and being amused at how certain she was. They weren't even dating. Basically as soon as Gabe realized she felt this way he was sold. They were hanging out by the next weekend. 

And so it began. They are so effortlessly perfect for each other. They have fun together. They make each other laugh, they are the first couple on the dance floor and the last, and they love their friends and family with all of their hearts.

Gabe proposed a year ago on the beach in Puerto Rico when they were down there spending Christmas with his family. I'm going to hand it to him for snooping on Brandi's Pinterest board and purchasing her dream ring. She was over the moon about the entire thing and was so excited about planning the wedding. They decided to get married in Puerto Rico this November. Until September happened.

Two months before the wedding multiple hurricanes began threatening the Caribbean. The first hurricane brushed Puerto Rico taking out power for many people on the island. We all waited with baited breath to assess the damage. Unfortunately, shortly after came Maria. The devastation that Maria brought to that tiny beautiful island is hard to believe. At first their only focus was on Gabe's family. Were they ok? Where were they? What can they do for them? As the weeks passed they confirmed their wedding location was unrepairable and all the guests needed to cancel their flights. They were crushed. 

Two weeks ago Brandi contacted me letting me know they had found a new wedding location and would be getting married next year instead. The planning is starting all over. Everything is starting over. And with that she wanted new photos. I'm grateful she called me. I've been dying to shoot them for forever. I just hope these images give them a little something to smile about as they tie up the new loose ends to their new wedding and look forward to a new beginning. Love you guys! Cheers!

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