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Horse Therapy

So Saturday. I had a blast, the kids had a blast and Becca was on fire! This shoot was all about bringing to life Becca's dream to open a non-profit urban horse ranch for kids.


Becca and I headed up to the ranch where she keeps her white arabian stallion. This horse is STUNNING. We rolled past the large gate, through the individual pastures full of statuesque horses and up the dirt driveway to the main barn. The property is manicured to perfection. Tall trees surrounded the outskirts, each pasture had acres of lush green grass and little yellow flowers between wooden fences. My 8 year old self was doing flips I was so excited to be there. I've always had an unjustified obsession with horses. My parents can attest.

On the other hand Rebecca Durr has been riding for 32 years. Her mom and her come up to Gig Harbor every weekend to spend time with their stallion who won countless competitions in his day. He's retired now at the ripe age of 23, but still looks flawless (the mares on the property still go WILD when he walks by, WILD). On top of being an equestrian, Becca has been volunteering with children for the last 8 years. One particular relationship with a little girl in the community has inspired to do more. She's working toward opening an urban horse camp to provide healing and mentorship to kids. She's named it Hello Heaven Ranch. Her hope is through fund raising, the greater Seattle and Bellevue community will sponsor children in need to spend time engaging with the horses and benefiting from a 1:1 mentorship program. I've known Becca for over 5 years and witnessing her around the kids on Saturday made it so abundantly clear to me this is what she was born to do.

If you are interested in supporting her mission, she has a Go Fund Me account here. As a biased friend I recommend you check it out. Even to just spread the word!

After our time with the kids I stole Becca away for a shoot by herself with Apaladin. This shoot was really for me, but for her, but for me. :)  I'm not even going to say how I feel about it, because wow. This woman. #hairgoals