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Connor and Maddie

Photogs, you know the feeling when you wrap up a shoot and you can hardly wait to come home, throw the images on your computer and jump into an editing session for the next few hours because you can't contain your excitement? That's how I felt about Connor and Maddie. They were referred to me through a mutual friend for an engagement shoot. It's winter in Seattle (which means grey and rainy all day) and I'm personally obsessed with snow so I suggested we go to the mountains. To my delight they jumped on the recommendation.

There is something so magical about being surrounded by white, pure, fluffy stuff. It amplifies your subjects and the light reflecting off the snow does wonders for a complexion. And I just personally get to be in snowy heaven, which I'll never say no to.  


I knew I was going to blog this shoot two seconds after it was over so I asked Maddie how they met and to share their story with me. I'm so glad I did because in the age of digital dating, and "needle in a haystack" mentality it's always heartwarming to hear when it works out for people. 

So instead of paraphrasing or adding in my own quips I'll let you just read it straight from her. May we all find our Connor. :)

 "We both swiped right on Tinder. I was a sorority girl at U of I and he had graduated from Gonzaga and had come from Seattle to Moscow to visit some friends for the weekend. We texted for two weeks, but we lived 300 miles apart and thought we would never actually meet. Then around Thanksgiving I went to visit some family in southern Oregon and he had gone to his parents home in Portland. I had a 4 hour layover on my way back to school and Connor decided to meet me at the airport. I walked out of security and he was standing there completely dressed up holding a dozen roses. And before ever saying a word to me he picked me up and kissed me. We spent my entire layover sitting talking over a cup of coffee. From then on we rarely spent a weekend apart, whether it was him coming to Moscow or me going to Kirkland."
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