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Why Families are my jam


I shoot a lot of categories in photography. I love to switch things up and keep it interesting, but there are a few I love above the rest and one of those categories is families. Particularly families with small children.

Over the last 10 years, before I started this business, I was constantly taking photos of my nieces and nephews. I now have six (well done sisters!). I was busy working a corporate job in fashion and would often forget to take my camera out for months. But if I knew I was going to be around my family it was the first thing packed. I just loved following around the kids and capturing their tiny spirits.

Kids have a zest for life that is so untainted. They laugh hard, hug big, dance to the worst of music, and stick their dirty fingers directly into any bowl close enough. They may cry like life is over for 2 mins, but then they are back to playing in their princess or spider man costumes a second later. It’s chaos, but their emotional purity is a tiny bit of heaven.

I think the chaos is what draws me in. Because of the unpredictability of kids, accidents just happen. It’s raw. Those are the moments I love to capture because it’s real life. It’s may not be the perfect instagram family, but it’s your family and your memories. It’s probably the same reason why so many photographers avoid shooting families, but I love it. We can take a nice staged family photo, but I really love capturing the real moments. The messy, chaotic, sleepless, joyful and beautiful stage of having small children.


Lastly, they grow fast. Like by the time I book a vacation, they’ve learned to walk, talk, and ride a bike. Which means every year is different and brings something new. There is always opportunities to document. As I am about to embark on my THIRD year as a professional photographer (WHAT?!) I’m starting to get repeat clients, particularly for the yearly family photos. I get to see all these adorable children grow and document their milestones and get to know them better. It’s something I will never take for granted and I truly love being a part of it.

I’m currently booking sessions for Spring ‘19.

Pro tip: March is the best time to book for the cherry blossoms, which is only a few weekends! So if you need those 6th month photos, family photos, Easter photos, whatever, now’s the time to secure your date.

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