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Ben and Alyssa's Wedding

This couple knows how to have a good time. They are constantly laughing, dancing and smiling with each other. Capturing their new years eve wedding, at a beautiful venue and with their amazing guests was a perfect way to bring in the year.

Weddings are obviously special. They are special for the bride and groom, the family, the friends, but I think people don't know it's actually pretty special for the photographer. Being a photographer lets me in on some of the most intimate moments of a persons life. Moments where sometimes I look around and can't believe I am there. It may be the tears during a first look, a special prayer a mom prays over her daughter before the ceremony, or the 2 minutes where a couple sneaks away into a dark corner to kiss right after they get married. I am there! Capturing the sweetest moments for them. 

This wedding was more than a blast. It had all the right ingredients. Congrats Ben and Alyssa. I wish you all the decades of love and happiness. 

*Special shout out to my second photographer, Travis Seera at Seera Creative, for being the ideal teammate and capturing each detail to perfection. 





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