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Cassie and Barron's Fremont Wedding


This wedding is hard to describe in one adjective. Fun, unique, electric, creative, hilarious, monumental doesn't do it justice. The amount of detail and thought that went into this day was far beyond anything I have ever been to. Cassie and Barron have an incredible love story based on numerous adventures, moving around the US together and his ultimate proposal on top of a mountain in Morocco. These two individuals were bound to throw an equally extraordinary wedding. 

When I first met with Cassie she told me they just wanted to have an awesome party. Their main goal was to gather everyone they loved and do something for them, while infusing unique elements of their love story in between. They didn't want it to be traditional, they wanted it to be them. I could write an entire blog on the details, but I'll give you a few highlights instead. It started with custom gifts to the wedding party (Barron had 9 groomsmen and 9 ushers), custom jackets (multiple) for the bride and groom throughout the day, three wedding dresses, hand written notes to each of their wedding guests, a bridal suite turned custom bar with a floor to ceiling silver wrap and a neon sign with their slogan, dueling DJ's, a mechanical bull, an ice cream stand and a marching band for the grand exit. If that wasn't enough, Cassie and Barron asked for no wedding gifts. Their one request was that everyone show up in light up sneakers. It was amazing. You guys I didn't even tell you half of it. Let that sink in. 

To drive this party home their friends and family came in swinging. The toasts left everyone crying with laughter, crying with happiness, just crying and then more laughing. It was everything you would want in a wedding. I felt so honored to be there to capture it. 

Having the opportunity to get to know my couples and their friends and family is a unique experience I cherish. I'm incredibly blessed to get to do this job and I'm still amazed how much joy it continually brings. So with that, here is a glimpse into the day. Enjoy!