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Erika and Taylor


This job has allowed me to get to know so many new people whom I have grown to absolutely love. Meeting new people is something that has always energized me and inspires me to keep going. But when your best friend gets engaged and wants you to shoot her engagement shoot, it’s even more special. While I won’t be their wedding photographer (I got some other special duties that day), I still get the chance to boss them around. And they have to listen to me because we’re friends. Just kidding. Kiiinda. 

I’ve known Erika since junior high. She was this sassy red head with sharp wit, hilarious and was gunna tell you exactly how it was. Obviously I liked her immediately. I believe her rendition of meeting me goes something like, “Oh mai gawd, does that girl have a purse?” I did. I had two older sisters and my junior high self needed to carry around smackers chapstick or something. 

I’ll spare you the details about our twenties. It was mostly a lot of laughs, a lot of nachos, some tears which led to long walks and then back to random dance parties and nights where we should have eaten more dinner before we went out.

Then last year she met Taylor. I, again, think it went something like this. “Hey Erika, how was your date last night?” She took a fast breath and let out “OMG, emoji emoji emoji,” as she smiled ear to ear. From then on they were inseparable. Well except for our mandatory weekly girl’s night. Ain’t no one going to mess with those.

Ok enough about Erika and I. I’m super excited for her and Taylor to begin their adventure in marriage and to experience all that life has planned for them. And it’s definitely not going to be the last time I get to shoot them. I got dibs on newborn photography, Keech. Duh. 

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