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The Smoke Show

This August was a bit wild in Seattle, right? It started out like we love, sunny and stunning and slowly degraded to a post-apocalyptic smoke show where we all sat inside wondering if we will ever breathe fresh air again. Drama.

Well I could have canceled shoots because of the smoke, but decided that not only does the smoke provide a soft backdrop it’s also a realistic view of our Seattle summer lives these days. Staying authentic, real and capturing true moments has always been a priority for my photography. That is why we schedule shoots right? To remember the moments! The timing was also special for them since they had a cousin visiting who was an excellent helper and made the girls laugh all the time.

So this is one of the shoots I did in the smoke and sadly for mother earth, I loved it. It helps that the family I captured is one of the sweetest, most beautiful, Jesus loving families I know. It was a blast to hang out with them and get to create some art. I started my business with family photography and it’s still to this day one of my favorite things to shoot. And Fall is the busiest time of the year in order to get all those Christmas cards done on time. So let it roll!

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